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Cupcake and Jellybean

Exercises in Narcissistic IM Conversationing

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we think our aim conversations are hilarious. here, we invite people to agree with us.
Fate, if there is such a thing, has clearly smiled upon us. Actually, it's only done so once in a terribly great while. Fate can go straight to hell, come to think of it. But, since we're being generous, we'll give it some credit and express our gratitude that we were able to meet each other in this cultural wasteland that is Manchester, NH, and that we were born in an era when technology serves no higher calling than that of shameless self-promotion. So, hm, what to say... we met four years ago in our freshman year of college and since have kept each other sane, entertained, and moving in a more or less forward direction. Were we a couple, which we aren't, not that there's anything wrong with it, nor are we unaccustomed to being labelled as such, but if we were, we'd be one of those disgustingly in love couples that makes you want to shoot them because what exactly are they so fucking happy about, anyway? Moving on, we thought a combined show of our mad instant messaging skillz would be fun. If you bother to read this little study in infatuation, because we're clearly unhealthily obsessed with both ourselves and each other, we hope you at least get some amusement out of your wasted minutes. Don't look for anything profound, but do be on the lookout for egos that could choke several horses. Simultaneously. Enjoy.
Oh, and in truth, we're actually not all that insufferable. Just a little bit.
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