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Sunday, September 23, 2007 - Cupcake and Jellybean
Exercises in Narcissistic IM Conversationing
Sunday, September 23, 2007
aniketos14 (4:00:53 PM):I've moved on to cartoons.
LilaEden4 (4:06:06 PM):cause that's not lame
aniketos14 (4:01:59 PM):Um, no. :-)
aniketos14 (4:02:09 PM):Not lame at all.
LilaEden4 (4:10:07 PM):right
LilaEden4 (4:10:15 PM):about as not lame as devil's pond
aniketos14 (4:06:40 PM):Oh, my God! I almost forgot! It's that Kip dude's birthday today!
aniketos14 (4:07:38 PM):I saw it on the IMDB.
LilaEden4 (4:12:31 PM):whoa!
LilaEden4 (4:12:44 PM):you're in love with kip aren't you?
aniketos14 (4:08:19 PM):Weird, huh?
aniketos14 (4:08:34 PM):No. I find him repulsive. lol
LilaEden4 (4:14:14 PM):me: you're in lvoe w/ kip arent you?
chloe: weird, huh?
LilaEden4 (4:14:22 PM):HAHAHA
aniketos14 (4:10:04 PM):Stop it! You're misquoting me!
aniketos14 (4:10:11 PM):That's FORBIDDEN!
LilaEden4 (4:14:37 PM):but i could quote it and it would totally appear that you do love him
LilaEden4 (4:14:44 PM):i would have to edit it
LilaEden4 (4:15:36 PM):wouldnt* remember the titants!
LilaEden4 (4:15:45 PM):that's where i've seen him!!!!
aniketos14 (4:11:46 PM):The Titants, lol.
LilaEden4 (4:16:21 PM):haha! tit-ants!!!!!
LilaEden4 (4:16:22 PM):heh
LilaEden4 (4:16:25 PM):heh heh
aniketos14 (4:12:28 PM):Oh, GOD, you're so MATURE! :-)
LilaEden4 (4:17:06 PM):you thought it was funny to
LilaEden4 (4:17:14 PM):don't make me do it chloe
LilaEden4 (4:17:19 PM):too* AHHHH
aniketos14 (4:13:14 PM):AGGGHHH!!
aniketos14 (4:13:58 PM):What's wrong with you?!
LilaEden4 (4:18:39 PM):shut up
aniketos14 (4:14:22 PM):STOP IT! TAKE THAT DOWN!
LilaEden4 (4:18:47 PM): lilaeden4: you're in love with kip aren't you?
aniketos14: Weird, huh?
LilaEden4 (4:18:53 PM):never!
aniketos14 (4:14:29 PM):ARRRGGGHHH!
LilaEden4 (4:18:59 PM):you had to go and be mean..
aniketos14 (4:14:55 PM):I wasn't being mean, I was simply asking what was wrong with you!
LilaEden4 (4:19:30 PM):oh sure
LilaEden4 (4:19:38 PM):"what's wrong with you?!"
LilaEden4 (4:19:41 PM):not mean at all
LilaEden4 (4:19:41 PM):lol
aniketos14 (4:15:32 PM):lol
LilaEden4 (4:20:36 PM):MUAHAHAHA!
aniketos14 (4:16:45 PM):OH, MY GOD! I'LL KILL YOU!
aniketos14 (4:16:52 PM):And you CAN quote me on that!
aniketos14 (4:17:04 PM):I love our fights. :-)
LilaEden4 (4:22:11 PM):you couldn't kill me if you tried
LilaEden4 (4:22:16 PM):bring it on KIPLOVER!
LilaEden4 (4:23:53 PM):ok in ims to two other people i typed said instead of sad and guess instead of kiss
LilaEden4 (4:24:00 PM):IVE GOT BRAIN CANCER.
LilaEden4 (4:24:08 PM):there's no other explanation
aniketos14 (4:19:57 PM):I'm pretty sure that's got to be it.
LilaEden4 (4:25:06 PM)::-(
aniketos14 (4:21:04 PM):That's what you get for insinuating I have a thing for that freak Kip.
LilaEden4 (4:27:25 PM):i didn't say you had a thing for him, but aniketos14 did
aniketos14 (4:24:38 PM):You want me to come down there and beat you into submission? Cause I will.
LilaEden4 (4:29:10 PM):lol
LilaEden4 (4:29:29 PM):that was me, laughing outloud at the thought of you being able to beat me into anything
LilaEden4 (4:29:31 PM):slut
aniketos14 (4:25:49 PM):I am so signing off.
aniketos14 (4:25:57 PM):Whore.
LilaEden4 (4:30:32 PM):you will not sign off
LilaEden4 (4:30:35 PM):don't you dare!
aniketos14 (4:26:24 PM):Oh, you think I won't. But I will.
LilaEden4 (4:31:28 PM)::-(
aniketos14 (4:27:24 PM):That's right, so you just be nicer to me.
LilaEden4 (4:32:51 PM):no.
LilaEden4 (4:32:58 PM):that away message is staying up
LilaEden4 (4:33:03 PM):and you can suck on it
aniketos14 (4:29:10 PM):Oh, that's it.
aniketos14 signed off at 4:33:45 PM
aniketos14 signed on at 4:37:22 PM
aniketos14 (4:33:14 PM):I hope you learned your lesson. :-)

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