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from titties and beavers to dora the explorer - Cupcake and Jellybean
Exercises in Narcissistic IM Conversationing
from titties and beavers to dora the explorer
10:02 to 10:44 am, this morning:

I don't need no herp to keep me happy.
LilaEden4: herp?
aniketos14: Herp?
LilaEden4: herpes?
LilaEden4: Get a rod of colossal measurements!
aniketos14: Colossal!
aniketos14: That's a bold claim.
LilaEden4: a proverbial colossus of peen
aniketos14: lol
aniketos14: I love the spams so.
LilaEden4: they bring joy to my life, frankly
LilaEden4: Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe sex, I don’t know. With our pills always YES. http://www.pohiname.com/
LilaEden4: Make every girl more happy.
aniketos14: A poem!
aniketos14: Oh, I love the rhymes.
LilaEden4: oh my god, did i show you this: Huge love gun is pleasant to pull out! Make sure about it!
Become a champion in the Olympic games of love!
LilaEden4: !!!
aniketos14: The Olympic games of love!
aniketos14: Oh, my God, topical spams!
LilaEden4: i don't know if it was intentional
aniketos14: Either way, hilarious.
LilaEden4: Never have any more lonely nights with your new huge pecker 
Titties and beavers
aniketos14: It's almost an afterthought. lol
LilaEden4: yeah
LilaEden4: huge pecker would be good enough on its own
aniketos14: But no, they went there.
aniketos14: They included titties and beavers.
LilaEden4: i like that one because it implies that your new pecker is going to be the one keeping you company on the lonely nights
LilaEden4: titties and beavers
aniketos14: I know, it does seem to imply that the huge pecker is a good source of company.
aniketos14: Who knows, maybe it is.
LilaEden4: not as good a source as titties and beavers, im guessing
aniketos14: Honest to God, who even uses the word titties?
LilaEden4: me!
LilaEden4: at least now i do
aniketos14: lol
aniketos14: And you're upset with me for using skullfuck.
LilaEden4: titties is worse than skullfuck?
LilaEden4: what about tittyfuck?
aniketos14: I find it more juvenile.
LilaEden4: i have never considered these deep questions...
LilaEden4: and...if "titty" is the singular of "titties" what is "tit"?
aniketos14: I don't really want to contemplate the act that spawned the word tittyfuck...
LilaEden4: oh! but contemplating skullfuck is fair game??
aniketos14: Somehow I just don't find it as purile.
aniketos14: I guess it's hypocritical...
LilaEden4: White, luscious breasts: Every girl needs a stud with a 9 inch tool to take them hard in bed.
aniketos14: lol!
LilaEden4: Good night.
Your chick loves huge  banana  but the problem is that you have small one.
Do not worry! You have astonishing possibility to solve this problem.
At present  you can enlarge your bell-rope size.
You will be a king of bed surely enough.
With best regards
Addie Mckenna
LilaEden4: my chick does, in fact, love huge banana
aniketos14: Yeah, bananas are required for successful lovin'.
LilaEden4: so i hear
LilaEden4: Ram your chick from behind!
Want to get Good Boner back in your Life?
LilaEden4: i sooooo need good boner back in my life
LilaEden4: the goddamn pope is interrupting martha!!
LilaEden4: bush + the pope actually
aniketos14: Really?
aniketos14: Those bastards.
aniketos14: How dare they interrupt Martha.
LilaEden4: hey, be careful chloe, those are two of the world's most powerful assholes
aniketos14: lol. Assholes.
LilaEden4: they are fucking watching him get out of a limo! how is this newsworthy?
aniketos14: I really don't think it is.
aniketos14: Watching the pope get out of a limo. Thrilling.
LilaEden4: what else is on?
aniketos14: Dora the Explorer. lol
LilaEden4: what happened to yo gabba gabba?
LilaEden4: didn't that used to be 10:30?
aniketos14: No, 11:30.
LilaEden4: @ spring girls put on their boobs and legs, dont miss your chance
spring men power.
aniketos14: LOL
aniketos14: Hm, it's springtime, I better strap on my boobs and legs that I've kept in storage all winter.
LilaEden4: yeah, helpful reminder
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