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Homelessness Is Not a Laughing Matter - Cupcake and Jellybean
Exercises in Narcissistic IM Conversationing
Homelessness Is Not a Laughing Matter
LilaEden4 (4:34:32 PM): how much do you think the school would charge me at the end of the year for defacing a desk?
aniketos14 (4:35:16 PM): How defaced is it?
LilaEden4 (4:35:31 PM): like if i decoupaged spam clippings over the entire thing
aniketos14 (4:35:39 PM): LOL
LilaEden4 (4:35:42 PM): lol
LilaEden4 (4:35:48 PM): well, just the work surface
aniketos14 (4:35:50 PM): Probably a lot.
aniketos14 (4:35:59 PM): No, do the inside of the drawers, too!
LilaEden4 (4:36:39 PM): you know how time consuming that would be??
aniketos14 (4:37:05 PM): But it would be awesome! lol
LilaEden4 (4:37:14 PM): it would be beautiful
LilaEden4 (4:37:20 PM): talk about a senior gift
LilaEden4 (4:37:38 PM): on second thought..i should to it to my white shelves and then i can bring them with me
aniketos14 (4:38:18 PM): Yeah!
LilaEden4 (4:38:36 PM): or my mom has this end table i could probably steal to use
aniketos14 (4:38:36 PM): It could be a discussion piece in your hou- oh, wait, you're homeless.
aniketos14 (4:38:42 PM): :-)
LilaEden4 (4:38:44 PM): LOL
aniketos14 (4:39:38 PM): I'm sorry, I know it's worrisome.
LilaEden4 (4:41:00 PM): no, it's awesome
LilaEden4 (4:41:15 PM): plus i still haven't vetoed the skeezy craigslist guys plan
aniketos14 (4:41:33 PM): I've vetoed it for you.
LilaEden4 (4:41:40 PM): heh
LilaEden4 (4:41:41 PM): ok
aniketos14 (4:42:03 PM): I can't believe I have to be the puritanical friend. lol
LilaEden4 (4:42:15 PM): only always
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