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in which chloe must prove she is neither a racist nor a hippy and we name our future offspring - Cupcake and Jellybean
Exercises in Narcissistic IM Conversationing
in which chloe must prove she is neither a racist nor a hippy and we name our future offspring

aniketos14: Nick Jr has a new show about a Chinese girl.

aniketos14: She has all these animal friends.

LilaEden4: mulan?

aniketos14: And two of them are typical Chinese-y animals, like a tiger and a monkey.

aniketos14: But why is one of them a koala bear? lol

LilaEden4: koala!

aniketos14: Last time I checked, koala's were Australian.

LilaEden4: well, you know

LilaEden4: pangea

aniketos14: Why not give her a panda?

LilaEden4: because it's multicultural!

LilaEden4: god.

LilaEden4: racist.

aniketos14: But the theme is Chinese stuff!

aniketos14: Just like the theme in Dora is Spanish stuff!

aniketos14: I always thought Pangea was a pretty name.

LilaEden4: but what you're saying is you don't think the australians and chinese should mix

LilaEden4: real nice

aniketos14: I'd name my kid Pangea.

aniketos14: That's not what I'm saying!

LilaEden4: lol, that is the hippiest name i've ever heard!

aniketos14: I'm saying I'm surprised, given that the other animals are Chinese, that this one is Australian!

aniketos14: Oh, God, is it really?

LilaEden4: yeah, think it about, it's earthy AND it seems to support a message of we are all brothers and sisters because of our universal origin or something

LilaEden4: haha. chloe is a hippy.

aniketos14: You shut your mouth.

LilaEden4: and a racist hippy at that lol

LilaEden4: hard to find

aniketos14: lol!

aniketos14: I am not racist!

aniketos14: They all have Chinese names, for Christ's sake!

LilaEden4: right i know, you just hate mixing

aniketos14: Why wouldn't I assume they were all Chinese animals!

LilaEden4: because it's 2008?

LilaEden4: because we have modern transportation?

LilaEden4: so the koala hopped on a plane, big deal

aniketos14: Okay, but think about it.

aniketos14: God, I should never have mentioned this... lol

LilaEden4: pangea would be ashamed of her mother if she knew

aniketos14: If you had a kid that was not of Chinese ancestry, would you, in all likelihood, give it a Chinese name?

LilaEden4: yes

aniketos14: Similarly, if I had an animal that was found nowhere in China, would I give it a Chinese name?

LilaEden4: ive always wanted to name a kid Spring Roll

LilaEden4: Spring Roll Van Dusen

aniketos14: LOL

aniketos14: You would not.

aniketos14: I'm not saying I'm offended by the koala, I just found it curious.

LilaEden4: isn't that a great, authentically Chinese name?

aniketos14: Why not name him Kung Pow?

LilaEden4: Moo Goo?

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