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"Simple, I'd get some of your blood and set it on fire." - Cupcake and Jellybean
Exercises in Narcissistic IM Conversationing
"Simple, I'd get some of your blood and set it on fire."
LilaEden4: whoa, this wave of exhaustion just came over me
aniketos14: Why are you so tired?
LilaEden4: i don't know man!
LilaEden4: all of a sudden
LilaEden4: it's like i've been drugged
LilaEden4: chloe...
LilaEden4: lol
aniketos14: What are you going to do?!
aniketos14: I'm scared for you!
aniketos14: Are you still alive?!
LilaEden4: heh!
LilaEden4: that's really funny for some reason
LilaEden4: but yes
aniketos14: Okay, good.
LilaEden4: unless the aliens got me and i've been body snatched and im an alien imitating me
LilaEden4: how can you know for sure?
aniketos14: Simple, I'd get some of your blood and set it on fire.
aniketos14: If it reacts normally, you're okay.
aniketos14: If it freaks out and tries to fight back, you're not.
aniketos14: Learned this from the Thing.
LilaEden4: what if the alien just takes over my brain?
LilaEden4: like animorphs
aniketos14: Hmm, that might be harder.
LilaEden4: my blood would be the same
aniketos14: Yeah, I don't know.
aniketos14: I guess I could force you to get a brainscan.
LilaEden4: sure, a yeerk would voluntarily submit to a brainscan
LilaEden4: rather than attacking you and taking you to get aliened
LilaEden4: that's how you'd know.. you'd wake up in a cage in some underground alien farm and you'd be like "danielle?!"
LilaEden4: and yeerk me would be like "no, you idiot.”
aniketos14: And I'd be like, "... are you sure?"
LilaEden4: lol
LilaEden4: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yeerk
LilaEden4: i love the nerds who author wikipedia
aniketos14: Wow, these people... have some time on their hands, huh.
LilaEden4: i know it
LilaEden4: it's pretty crazy
aniketos14: Also nerdy, however?
aniketos14: Your rant about how a yeerk would never submit to a brainscan. lol
aniketos14: Like, how dare I suggest something so lame.
LilaEden4: if only there was an illustration
LilaEden4: lol
LilaEden4: not just a yeerk
LilaEden4: any brain-living alien, you fool
aniketos14: LOL
aniketos14: Well, if you were a full-body takeover alien, my blood suggestion would still stand.
LilaEden4: oh yeah
LilaEden4: good luck with that
LilaEden4: i dont have much confidence in you rescuing me from an alien takeover
aniketos14: Well, if you refused to give me a blood sample, I could reasonably conclude you were trying to hide something.
aniketos14: Yeah, I don't seem real on top of this. lol
LilaEden4: lol, that sounds awful!
aniketos14: Oh, man, it kinda does now that I look at it...
LilaEden4: LOL
LilaEden4: it also sounds like support for mandatory dna database participation
aniketos14: "Well, if you don't want anyone to see your DNA, clearly you're an alien."
Auto response from LilaEden4: aniketos14: Well, if you refused to give me a blood sample, I could reasonably conclude you were trying to hide something.
aniketos14: LOL
aniketos14: Oh, my God, please forget I ever said that, it was solely in reference to alien parasites. lol
LilaEden4: lol
LilaEden4: i know
aniketos14: Oh, man, though I'd hate for someone to see that out of the admittedly geeky context...
LilaEden4: im sure no one thinks you want to test everyone's dna
LilaEden4: for any reason
LilaEden4: lol
aniketos14: Okay.
LilaEden4: you know what would be sweet?
LilaEden4: no nevermind
aniketos14: What? No, tell me, what?
LilaEden4: noooooo
aniketos14: Please?
LilaEden4: umiwasthinkingwhatifwecouldgeneticallyengineerakittenbycombiningourdnasoitwouldbetheequivalentofavandebloischildinkittenform.
LilaEden4: but only for half a second! i'm not a fan of genetic engineering!
aniketos14: LOL
aniketos14: It'd... it'd be like our kitten kid! LOL!
aniketos14: I love you so much!
LilaEden4: lol
LilaEden4: with our luck it would come out wrong
LilaEden4: and attack villagers and stuff
aniketos14: Oh, yeah, it'd be a little monster, most likely.
aniketos14: What with our fiery DNA.
LilaEden4: hehe
LilaEden4: but i would love it
aniketos14: Me, too!
aniketos14: Let's name it something awesome.
LilaEden4: no
LilaEden4: let's pretend i never mentioned it lol
aniketos14: Oh, all right, be that way.
LilaEden4: thanks
aniketos14: Don't say I never did anything for you. lol
LilaEden4 : never would
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